Media Compression Techniques and FileMaker

DataWrx’s Pooya Heydarpour writes about image, music, and video compression technologies, both lossy and lossless, and what is best for FileMaker storage:

When it comes to hard drive space on your computer, few files, if any, come close to taking up as much space as music, pictures, and videos do.

The issues with these media files is that, not only is it difficult to store them all on to hard drives, but also the sending/transferring of these files becomes cumbersome. Sending files by shipping a physical storage space is expensive, email limits you on how large the files you can attach, and transferring with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is time consuming. One of the best solutions to dealing with these issues is to simply compress the files into a more manageable size.

The technology behind compression is about reducing and/or eliminating redundant data and to use less bits than the original and since data contains a significant amount of redundancy, there is potentially a lot to cut down on. Nowadays. compression has become very important when it comes to data networks and cutting down their data usage and requirements.

For more a in-depth look at media compression techniques, click here, here, and here.

DocuWrx | Media Compression Techniques and FileMaker

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