MirrorSync–Sync 2 databases–Filemaker, MySQL, Go

MirrorSync 2 from 360Works

In January of 2015, Jesse Barnum presented to the New Mexico FileMaker User Group for over two hours, all of it on MirrorSync. He showed us how MirrorSync2 works, how to set it up, how to configure different options, and showed us actual synch operations from:

  • FileMaker Server to FileMaker Server
  • FileMaker to FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker Go to FileMaker (full and partial synchs)
  • FileMaker to MySQL and the opposite
  • There are more possibilities (Oracle, for one), but we ran out of time to see them

MirrorSynch is blindingly fast because it is Java based, not FileMaker based.  The interface is FileMaker friendly, though, thanks to Jesse’s knowledge of FileMaker.

I recorded the whole video conference but, sadly, a bad audio driver distorted the sound so badly that the recording was useless. Richard Carlton to the rescue!  His video from Devcon 2015 covers most of what I lost:

MirrorSync synchs both ways and provides a way to resolve simultaneous changes to the same record by different users on different databases.  It also will seed copies of the database to devices via a link (cloned or full copies). This is one very well thought out piece of software.

And the best part:  It’s free to try out!  Download a copy and synch a file on your laptop to an iPad, for example.  Free.



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