MirrorSync 2 Setup, PDF Trickery, Presentation Tricks and Trust

I just went through most of this setup of MirrorSync 2, and this video is helpful to those who haven’t set it up before.  I am trying this out for client that needs two way synching with a MySQL database on a custom website.  Since only parts of the database are synched, the process can be run by a button or as a server side script every so often:

Share your experiences with two way synchs using MirrorSync 2 in the comments.

I’m not sure, but it appears this trick only works on printers with a .25 inch margin, which rules out many laser printers.  Still, it is from Kevin Frank and is noteworthy:

PDF Trickery


Seth Godin with a longer than normal post on trust:

In most commercial and organizational engagements, trust is something we want and something we seek out, but we use the most basic semiotics and personal interactions to choose where to place our trust. And once the trust is broken, there’s almost no amount of transparency that will help us change our mind.

This is trust from ten thousand years ago, a hangover from a far less complex age when statistical data hadn’t been conceived of, when unearthing history was unheard of. But that’s now hard-wired into how we judge and are judged.

Trust is often irrational, and yet we (as people) will grant trust almost immediately to anyone who “seems trustworthy”.  What ever that means.  The post is worth the read for everyone, and is critically important to developers, as well, who need to be trusted with users data and credentials.


A good read on getting your points across to your audience:

How to Get Your Points Across Clearly and Concisely


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