Integrate MailChimp into FileMaker – Modular FileMaker

FMSIMPLICITY just added a new MailChimp module to Modular FileMaker that looks pretty interesting.  If you have a need to integrate FileMaker with MailChimp, this module will get you started:

More than 6 million people use MailChimp to create, send, and track email newsletters. You can now integrate their amazing product directly into FileMaker…

There are currently two dependencies:

1. BaseElements plugin, version 2.3 at the time of release ( July, 29 2014 )

2. JSON Module found at

The module works on nine of the many methods MailChimp provides with their API. The functionality is currently concentrated on list maintenance. This is what I had a business case for so far. I am looking forward to seeing what the community has a use case for and develops other methods for inclusion in this module. Another vision would be working towards using the Insert from URL script step with httppost://.

The free BaseElements plugin referenced above seems to be popping up everywhere I look anymore.  If you are not using it, give it a try.  It extends FileMaker in lots of handy ways.

MailChimp – Modular FileMaker.


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