Customize FileMaker WebDirect Menus

THE THIRD PART of  Anvil Blog’s series on WebDirect dives deep into the heart of FileMaker’s own files to allow you to change the titles in WebDirect.  They warn you in the article that this is not supported by FileMaker, and that future versions of FileMaker could break your hard work. This is not for the faint of heart!

But if it is important to you to have customized menus, here’s your chance:

Users that have highly customized menu sets for their files were probably a little disappointed that they were “locked” into using FileMaker’s menu set for WebDirect. While there is no ability to override the actions associated with menu items, we’ve found a way to at least provide your own titles to the menu commands, and some of the other titles used by WebDirect!

***Warning*** – This technique is not supported by FileMaker natively, and should be used with caution. Future updates of FileMaker may break this “hack”, and you should ALWAYS keep backups of your original system files when taking this kind of action. For this example, we will be using a virtual machine, Windows Server 2012 Standard, and the filemaker server sample file.

via Anvil – Blog.


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