Idea to iPad – Job Ticketing System – YouTube


I like these proof of concept type videos showing how easy it is it  build the outline of a database solution so quickly.  Keep in mind while watching, however, that a complete system that integrates with other processes, that is secure and robust, with error checking, data entry protection, and data protection (keeping historical data from easily being changed) requires much more time to complete.

The good news?  It’s easier, less expensive, and faster to build a complete system in FileMaker than in competing technologies.

Published on Jan 14, 2015

Is there a business task or process that you’d like to easily manage? Got a project currently being tracked in spreadsheets or being entered on paper forms? This session is centered around you. Watch as we build a custom solution using the FileMaker Platform and have it deployed to an iPad in under 60 minutes.

FileMaker Web Seminar: Idea to iPad – Job Ticketing System – YouTube.

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