How to take your dashboards to the next level

Are you building dashboards for your clients?

Do you give your clients advice on what the dashboard should include and how it should function as well as what they spec out?  If not, you should be.  This is your opportunity to show off your understanding of business needs, and to build a better solution for your client.  Not to mention raising your value to your client.

Joe Stangarone of MRC Productivity shares his thoughts on dashboards taken to the next level:

1. Throw out your vanity metrics

2. Extend dashboards across the business

3. Make them relevant

4. Make them accessible

5. Give them depth

6. Measure progress towards your goals

7. Give the full picture

Each point is important, but numbers two (Extend dashboards across the business), four (Make them accessible), five (Give them depth), and six (Measure progress towards your goals) are the most relevant.

Employees up and down the business need to be aware of what is happening and how it affects the business goals.  For that, you can use the FileMaker platform to share different dashboards to different groups based on permissions.  And you can reach them through smart phones, browsers, and FileMaker client, keeping them in the loop with a variety of technologies.

Additionally, program each chart interactively, allowing your client to drill down to more important details with a click of a button.

Read the whole thing, and take advantage of what you learn to help your clients on the next project needing a dashboard.

Source: How to take your dashboards to the next level

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