How to: Easy FileMaker Pro 13 Audit Trails

AUDIT TRAILS are very useful when it comes to figuring out what users are doing, as well as for verifying how data is modified.  Doug West, of Excelysis, offers up a clean way to record all changes to a record, and even allows you to exclude non-critical changes, as well:

 If you don’t need separate records in another table for every field change, then you can keep track of field changes using FileMaker 13′s new Get(ModifiedFields) command and the following:

  • A custom function to handle the heavy-lifting
  • A text field to call the custom function and store our change log
  • A script step to set a list of ignored field names in a script that runs when the file opens
  • A modification timestamp field to trigger the log

The downloadable example file shows you how to set it up and includes the custom function.  Be sure to read the comments for some more ideas, too.

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