An Alternate to Google Maps? Not Entirely.

DO YOU HAVE an interest in integrating mapping into FileMaker?  Douglas Alder, of Homebase Software, has the information you need and a demo database you’ll want to download. Alder has written in the past about using the google map API with FileMaker, and now adds an alternative:  OpenStreetMaps and the Leaflet.marketcluster.js javascript library. The biggest advantages:

  • a more modern look
  • animations when drilling into the clusters
  • handles multiple address at the same location
  • no Google API key required
  • performance feels faster than Google Maps

There is a list of limitations, as well, and pretty good instructions for integrating it into your solution.  Follow the link below to get started. More…Mapping from FileMaker Pro with OpenStreetMap and Leaflet Markercluster.js | HomeBase Software.

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