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Hourly Billing is Nuts

For FileMaker developers looking to break out of the hourly billing cycle, check out Jonathan Stark’s offerings at the link.  The price is reasonable and posts I’ve read in the past by him are worth your time.

Source: Hourly Billing Is Nuts by Jonathan Stark


The State of API Integrations in 2018

If you are at all interested in the other side of API’s – how they are written, what’s going on in that world – check out this white paper:

Not only have APIs become a necessity for application customers to streamline operations across their business and product suite, they have become an integral part of product development, business strategy, and scalability.

It’s pretty good look at the state of API integration.  One thing of note is this graphic:

REST API Graphic

As you probably know, FileMaker has a REST interface which allows FM server to share data via REST. That feature is kind of a test feature and is somewhat limited, but rumor has it the next version or FileMaker will include that option.  Alternately, RESTFM is a free, full featured solution available from Goya.

Source: The State of API Integration 2018 Report | Cloud Elements


Speaking of REST and the FileMaker Data API

Check out the video at Blue Feather Group on just those subjects, and more, by Michael Layne from GearBox Solutions:

Michael Layne from Gearbox Solutions presents on FileMaker’s new JSON functions. He does a deep dive into FileMaker’s new JSON functions and demos several examples of how they are using JSON for passing parameters, populating form data, validation and rollback, managing session info such as value lists as global. Michael also demos REST client and REST server with new data API.

Source: FileMaker JSON, REST, and the Data API – Blue Feather – FileMaker Developer, Android, Web


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