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Filemaker on Appstream

Stu Dietz posted a detailed explanation on using FileMaker in a web browser – but not using WebDirect!  How is that possible?  By using an Amazon Web Services (AWS) called Appstream.  Appstream is a feature that runs a wide variety of programs inside a web browser on a Windows Server instance.  The benefits are similar to WebDirect in that the program is running on a server and being server to you on your local machine via a web browser.  The difference is that Windows server is inside the local AWS network and has lightning fast access to the database it is accessing, making your access via a web browser very fast, too:

Enter AppStream. Amazon’s AppStream 2.0 is an application streaming service that allows you to stream desktop applications from AWS to a user through a web browser. Because AppStream instances live in AWS, you can configure a fleet to run in the same AWS region as your FileMaker server, effectively putting them in the same local network and giving you the speed of a LAN connection. Moreover, since AppStream applications are delivered through a web browser, users don’t actually have to install FileMaker Pro on their local machines. You also get the benefit of elastic pricing with AWS; you only pay running instance fees when there are active user sessions. These factors make AppStream worthy of consideration for anyone hosting their FileMaker solution(s) in AWS.

Mike Duncan talked about this at DevCon 2016 – that video is available here.  Dietz’s post is a very in depth look at setting it up, including the pros and cons.  If your client needs this kind of speed and security, give this post a close look.

Source: Extending the Power of FileMaker in the Cloud with Amazon AppStream 2.0 – Skeleton Key


More 2018 Design Predictions

I’m always on the lookout for better design ideas, especially ideas that will improve the FileMaker experience for users.  I found this post this morning and, while there isn’t much to apply to the FileMaker world, there is a lot of eye catching design in the works (warning:  possibly Not Safe For Work):

Another year has passed and 2017 has brought many design innovations. So, what’s next? We at Mindsparkle Mag try to source the best of what’s out there in the design world in our design blog, sharing them with you daily. Having reflected on the year’s content, we have compiled a list of design features which we believe have the most potential to become design trends in 2018. Without further ado, here are our top 20 predictions.

The last one in the list cheers me up:  Adding Depth to flat Design.  And it’s not just the apparent oxymoron in the title…if you add depth to flat design, is it still flat?  Probably so, since the flat seems to apply to the colors.  Still…

I also celebrate the coming demise of flat design, as I find an assault on the senses and harder to read.  But that’s just my personal bias showing.


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