Hide Portal Row Buttons in FileMaker

I don’t like the fact that when a button is put in a portal, it’s visible on every single row.  So I, like many, make an invisible button that covers the whole row.  Which works when the user does not need access to the fields on the row. If they need access for changing data or to perform finds, my solution does not work.  Rob PoelKing figured out around this problem by conditionally hiding all buttons in the portal except the button in the active row:

I just figured this out and thought it was cool enough to share with you. It’s pretty commonplace to put a button over a FileMaker Pro portal row object to trigger an event related to that particular row. But sometimes you don’t want a button across the entire row. So then we typically put a visual button off to the side like an “edit” button, but the result can be unsightly seeing “edit” repeated a dozen times on the screen. So, what if you could just display the edit button when that row was active. In FileMaker 13, you can with the new hide object feature.

The solution is easy to implement, and there is a demo file at the link.

Source: Excelisys Hide and Seek Button in a FileMaker Pro Portal Row

Hide Portal Row Buttons

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