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It’s a great time to be part of the FileMaker community…developers from all over are using FileMaker’s latest tools to connect to web services, work with the operating system and more.  Today we’ll look at just some of what’s going on, and also take a look at the most incredible punk of package stealers (you know, the people who steal packages from front porches) in history.  This video will make you laugh and cheer!  Finally, the bad guys get what’s coming.

Building Folder Structures in the Finder with FileMaker Pro 17 | HomeBase Software

Douglas Alder gives us a Free FileMaker Example file along with all the know-how of building complex folder structures in his post.  Adding a file folder in the OS is a feature added in FileMaker 17, and I haven’t seen much about it.  Here’s a brief look:

In keeping with the principle, “Why use a screwdriver, when I have this hammer right here?”, I decided, instead of just downloading a free utility from the Mac App Store, I would build folder creation functionality using FileMaker Pro Advanced 17. With FileMaker 17’s new ability to “Create Directories” in the “Export Field Contents” step options, and an old trick to delete files from the OS, this demo file demonstrates a new and useful capability in FileMaker to create pre-defined folder structures, pretty much anywhere on your computer or related cloud directories.

Read it all and download the file at the link.

Source: Building Folder Structures in the Finder with FileMaker Pro 17 | HomeBase Software


Send HTML Gmail from FileMaker

Brendan McBride of DB Services shows how to set up an account with Gmail and get authorized in this great video:

McBride walks you through the steps of getting setup with Google API’s and OAuth, along with plenty of tips to avoid the common pitfalls.  Save yourself some time – be sure to read the whole article and download the free FileMaker Example file.

Source: FileMaker Gmail Integration

More Gmail Integration

Jason Young started with Brendan McBride’s file and took it to the next level, including adding large attachments.   Young wrote two posts with Free FileMaker Example files and made two videos to help you along:

In this article, we’re going to look at sending HTML emails. In future articles, I’ll examine sending large emails (35MB) with multiple attachments, resumable uploading, and managing threads. This approach provides a first-rate email experience that is not available using the native Send Mail script step. And, since the Insert From URL script step is supported natively across the whole FileMaker platform, the techniques shown here work on the Server, Go, FileMaker Cloud and WebDirect. This technique requires FileMaker 16 or higher since we’ll be using the advanced cURL options introduced in FileMaker 16.

Visit the link below to get started.

Source: Integrating FileMaker and Gmail – Part 1 Sending Mail – SeedCode

Package Thieves get what they deserve – Finally!

I don’t care much for thieves, especially those who steal Christmas gifts.  This former NASA engineer – he helped build Mars rovers, for crying out loud – decided to find out who was doing this to him, and to teach them a lesson.  This video was published two days ago and already has 25 million views:

What goes around, comes around.  

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