Modular FileMaker – DevCon 2018 Presentation

Todd Geist’s DevCon 2018 Presentation

Todd Geist’s DevCon 2018 presentation was all about Modular FileMaker. Specifically, his plans for an updated version of his website, Modular FileMaker, and an outline for new updated ways to generate modular (reusable) code.

What is covered in the video

  • What makes code easy to share
  • How to write sharable code
  • How to use Modular FileMaker modules
  • How to contribute your own modules

Geist shows how to use one of his other free offerings – Generator – combined with the BaseElements plugin to make a modular file and integrate it into your solution. So what does that mean to you?

Re-usable Code

You’ll be able to write re-usable code, such as message notification, and call it from within your FileMaker solution without having to build it again. In his example, he builds a message notifier and shows it in a Card window, then shows how to call it as a card window from a separate file. The Card window belongs to the other file, but shows on top of the file that called it!

Generator builds parts of code for you and copies it to your clipboard, and allows you to easily paste the results into your own scripts, using the guidelines he helped design to actually generate code on the fly.

Custom Functions

Yet another feature he shows is how to copy custom functions from one file to another, again using the clipboard and modular code. A future goal is to manage version control of custom functions across different databases, something many developers will appreciate.

Look for a lot of changes on the new, updated Modular FileMaker website. And it’s well worth your while to watch this whole video.

Other Modular Resources

For more insight on using modular FileMaker programming, check these links out:

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