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Frictionless UX Hacks

Susan Prosser’s presentation at FileMaker DevCon 2016 on Frictionless UX Hacks:

Do you think that trendy colors, a snappy custom theme, and a smooth workflow are all that goes into great user experience (UX)? Get your head out of Layout Mode and turbo-charge your custom apps so users make the right choices, get accurate feedback, and slide through your beautifully designed processes without friction.
Learn how to craft database communications that are as good as your kick-ass designs. Discover how mobile and web custom apps especially benefit from lean, polished messages. After this session, you’ll spot friction points and polish your interfaces to deliver that elusive final 10% that makes users most happy and productive.

Prosser’s presentation covers the non-technical part of UX design. Among other topics, you’ll learn the following:

  • Good Communications
    • Brief
    • Spare
    • Unambiguous
    • consistent
    • Jargon-free
    • Short
    • Simple
    • Organized
  • Human Perception
    • Pre-Attentive processing
    • Attentive processing
    • Cognitive (or mental) load
  • Reduced Interaction Cost (great scripts here in the free demo file)
  • Using short, non technical words

Watch this video!

There is much more to learn.  Making your database easier to use means less technical support and happier, more productive users.  Which leads to more business.  Which is good.

Value the 2%

For another look at the benefits of good design, check out this blog post from Seth Godin:

Customers who break things

Well worth the read.

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