Free SVG Icon FileMaker Database from Indats

Check out this free SVG Icon FileMaker Database from Indats:

I’ve always been a big fan of Syncfusion’s Metro Studio tool which has an excellent selection of royalty free icons, but they didn’t export to SVG very well for Filemakers purposes, so I created a little database that lets you search and find icons like Metro Studio, and exports them to a Filemaker friendly format.


Indats Icon Manager has 26 different categories of icons, and about 4,000 icons! The reason I made this database instead of just exporting all the icons and keeping them in a folder is for 3 reasons.

Zipped and further compressed inside the database, this lightweight database contains over 4000 SVG icons, and even includes the ability to resize and nudge the icons before downloading.  And each icon is also tagged for easier searching.

Nicely done, and this is going on the Free FileMaker Example Files List.  Follow the link to download the file.

Source: Indats Icon Manager | indats

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