Free Geocoding and Mapping Module for FileMaker

Sweet.  David Weiner, of MSN Media, just released a free, fully functional google mapping module suitable for plugging into any existing database. Better yet, the software is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0, and can be shared and adapted, with attribution, for any personal or commercial use:

Starting with that, we built a new file from scratch, adapting the Google API code a bit and rewriting all the scripts for our purposes, while also using some features from FileMaker 13 (specifically, geocoding addresses on server instead of locally). We also built it with the intention of making it easy to plug into an existing FileMaker solution, distilling it down to only the essential components. For example, we wrote extra code specifically to avoid the need to add new summary or global fields.

There is a download at the link–grab it and take a look.  And be sure to mention MSN Media when you use it.

Geocoding and Mapping Module for FileMaker Pro | MSN Media.

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