Becoming a FileMaker Developer with Sarah Sigfrinius | Linear Blue

Most readers of are developers, developers in training, or someone just wanting to do more with their computer.  And it’s always interesting to hear the why and the how they end up developing in FileMaker.  Curiosity, problem solving skills, and just making the computer bend to their will drive many, as well as the sense of accomplishment that comes with helping others do their jobs better.

Sarah Sigfrinius recently joined Linear Blue, and shares her story in an interview by Jessica Alley:

My role as a Junior FileMaker Developer is a mixture between problem solving and connecting clients’ information. I spend a lot of time planning and processing information from our clients to solve their real world business issues. It’s just like completing a puzzle and it’s my job to match every piece to its specifically designed place. Coming from an educational background more focused around English, philosophy and history, how did you end up in what would traditionally be seen as a technology-heavy career? Like most people my education started down one avenue and my career changed over the years. When faced with problems at work I became increasingly interested in programming solutions to solve them.

Read the whole thing.  And good luck, Sarah!

Becoming a FileMaker Developer with Sarah Sigfrinius | Linear Blue.

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