fmEZCharts FaceBook Live Tomorrow 11 EDT

Live Thursday, 9-13-18 at 11 EDT

fmEZCharts lets you easily build amazing charts in FileMaker…and it’s free!

Tune in to Facebook live Thursday, 9-13-18, to learn about fmEZCharts, the latest brainchild of Ernest Koe and Brian Ouimette.  Ernest is the CEO of Proof Group:

The Proof Group partners with small and medium size companies and workgroups, in and out of education. We specialize in solving workflow, data management, reporting and integration problems with custom-tailored, enterprise-class software and services. Examples of our custom engagements include full CRM system design, membership management, multi-system integration, dashboards, and reporting. The Proof team also provides high-level design, consulting, and developer support for organizations looking to extend their in-house capacity.

I’ve seen this in action and I’ve been playing with it – it’s very powerful and very easy to use.

And if you miss the FaceBook live, don’t worry…it will be on Gurus on Friday, as well as on YouTube.

Join Ernest, Brian and me for a live demo on FaceBook tomorrow!

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