FileMaker Inventory: Daniel Shanahan Interview

The low down on FileMaker Inventory Implementation

Last week I interviewed Danial Shanahan, New Leaf Data, LLC. on FaceBook Live.  Twice. The second time actually contained usable audio.   And now I know how to use Ecamm Live much better than before.  Thank you, Daniel, for coming back for round two. The good video is embedded below – watch it if you to learn more more about FileMaker Inventory methods than you thought possible.

And, as a bonus, learn more about how Daniel made the journey to be known as the master of FileMaker Inventory methodology.  Any developer out there who is trying to stand out from the crowd and build a sustainable business, pay attention.  Daniel has a story to tell you.

Limited time discount from Daniel

Let’s get this out the way, too.  There is a discount code for you to get 25% off Daniel’s inventory starter solution:  FileMaker Inventory Starter.  The code is good through 9/7/18, so hurry.  Save money.  Get started faster.  Heck of a deal.

Oh yeah, that code I talked about:  fmpguruso1.  Use it at the link above.

The Video

To recap, Daniel talks about how he got started, what he has done so far, and about his plans for the future. All with great audio, unlike the first time. And there are free FileMaker Example files at his third website,  Lots of them.

Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth.  So let’s all go exploring.

~Edith Widder

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