FMEasyMaps – A Free FileMaker Map Solution

TIM DIETRICH IS WORKING OVERTIME cranking out one FileMaker solution after another–and releasing them under Open Source License to the world!

His latest effort:  FMEasyMaps:

EasyMaps is an open source solution for generating interactive maps based on addresses in FileMaker databases.

Features include…

Easy integration.
• Requires only one new table and one new script.
• Add a few fields (latitude, longitude, etc) to your table.
• No need to make changes to the relationship graph.

Easy customization.
• Specify how an address’s marker appears on the map (and use your own custom icons if you’d like).
• Specify what appears in the “info window” when an address is clicked.
• Use FMP URLs to perform actions in the database based on a selected address.

Supports the entire FileMaker 13 platform.
• Works with FileMaker Pro.
• Works with FileMaker Go.
• And EasyMaps works with FileMaker WebDirect, too!

There’s lots more.  Send a picture of the map (or the url, with a bit of programming on your own) with the click of a button. Map a found set of contacts, active contacts, or all contacts.  With a bit of work, it would be pretty straight forward to map a route between locations.

Dietrich includes detailed setup and integration instructions, timely (meaning when he has time–not bad for a free product) tech support, and a wish list you can add to when you think of something great to add.

Thanks, Tim!  You just provided the subject of my next presentation at the New Mexico FileMaker User Group meeting next week!

More…FMEasyMaps | An Open Source Map Solution for the FileMaker Platform.

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