FM BetterForms: A Modern Approach to FileMaker Web Publishing

FM BetterForms

Yesterday (7-26-18), Charles Delfs and I did a FaceBook live session on his new software solution for FileMaker developers, FM BetterForms.  Don’t let the name fool you: It’s not just about building better forms, it’s a complete solution that not only makes incredible web forms, with the data easily stored in your FileMaker solution.  It’s also a web front end for your FileMaker solutions, with all the logic provided by the FileMaker solution.  It’s very powerful, fast, and scalable, as well.

I’ve been working with Charles Delfs for couple of years now.  Our first project together was building a joint FileMaker/website solution for the NAACP of Hollywood Image Awards, where we integrated a FileMaker solution with the several rounds of voting to determine the winners in various categories – Movies, Music, Literature, and TV.

Check out the details for yourself:

FM BetterForms is a must have for any FileMaker developer needing to give their clients an easy to use web experience with a FileMaker solution, be it simply web forms or a fully functional website driven by a FileMaker solution.  And it is easy to program.

And for a limited time, you can get into the VIP program at 60% off.  Slots are limited, so check it out if you need to link your clients to the web.

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