FileMaker – Indirectly Add a Record

Indirectly Add a Record

I recently inherited a database for a local New Mexico college in Santa Fe, something I always enjoy.  I like to learn, and I try to learn at least one new thing a day (that’s the absolute minimum, actually).

This database taught me something I had not seen in all my years as a FileMaker developer.  And that made me want to share it.

The heart of this trick is simple:  use a relationship set on the fly to add a new record to a related table.  The twist:  it’s not added through a portal, nor is it added through the other usual method:  freeze the screen, go to the proper layout, make a new record, use variables to set key values, etc.

So How Is It Done?

Instead, this system set a key value to match the other side of the relationship, this making a link to the table with the ability to add a record through this relationship. Once the key match is set up, simply use the Set Field command to update the foreign key from the current table.  Very easy, very straightforward.

I made a short video showing how to set up this relationship:


If anyone knows how that key relationship field is being set, please let me know.  I like this trick.

FileMaker DevCon 2018

I am off tomorrow morning to FileMaker DevCon 2018!  I will be tweeting at various times and will try to post something while I am there. Message me if you will be there and we can try to meet up at one the meals or the events.

See you there!


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