Find Your Moose Work LIfe Conference

Are you stressed, working lots of hours, always out of time?  Having trouble dealing with all your responsibilities?  Perhaps a little coaching would be helpful.  Scratch that…If you haven’t been working with a coach (life or business), you are doing yourself a major disservice.

Fortunately for you, you can find help in Chicago in October, along with your moose:

Find Your Moose, our conference on October 28 & 29, will represent the launch of a new online resource called Elusive Moose which was created to help consultants enjoy their work. The conference and new website (coming in November 2015) both serve our mission to provide attendees and members with interesting, informative, and inspiring content created by experts from all aspects of living and working as a consultant. Elusive Moose was founded by Molly Connolly and Jason Mundok, custom software development consultants and business coaches with a combined 30+ years of experience.

Why Elusive Moose? Here’s the story…

Molly Connolly took three business trips to Alaska. During each visit, she hoped to see a real live moose. She never saw one even though she intentionally visited where the locals saw them on a regular basis. She wondered why she struggled with something that seemed so easy, and never seemed to be a problem for others. For some reason, the moose eluded Molly.

You likely have no problem doing most of what you do with your work, yet there are challenges that get in your way, cause you stress, and prevent you from truly enjoying what you do. The solutions to these challenges seem like they should be easy to see and implement, but they elude you like Molly’s moose! Those solutions are your “elusive moose” and we’re here to help you find them.

A Work Life Conference for Consultants

I’ve studied with business coaches and found the experience to be life changing.  And this conference is packed with great speakers.  What are you waiting for?   Get registered now!

Source: Find Your Moose 2015 – Find Your Moose

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