FileMaker Web Viewer Trigger Broadcast – YouTube

TRIGGERING SCRIPTS on remote FileMaker clients using fmp-url. What does that mean, exactly?

When a field is embedded in a web viewer, changing the content of the field causes the web viewer to reset.  Other users with the web viewer object on their screen (in FileMaker, of course) can get notified via a script trigger on their machine.  What’s the big deal?  It could be considered invasive, especially if dialogue boxes are popping up constantly and interrupting your work.  But maybe not…

In time sensitive environments, I can see an application of this working:  The worker completes a task, clicks a button, and the manager see a notification on his screen.

Or when a value in a process is outside of normal limits, a script is triggered to send alerts to the responsible people.

But most importantly, this example of using a web viewer and fmp-url shows another way to extend FileMaker in new programming areas not open to developers before.  I like it.

But I still don’t know the name of the guy producing the video.  His youtube channel name is 野田修. Which translates to “Noda Repair”.  Maybe someday he’ll share his name, not just great programming.

FileMaker Web Viewer Trigger Broadcast – YouTube.


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