FileMaker Tutorial – Mobile Design Patterns – YouTube

Matt Petrowsky on FileMaker Go UI changes, including using gestures, hidden buttons, and much more.

FileMaker 13 introduced a number of new features. While the feature list seemed a bit short, at least to the feature greedy developer, the new mobile specific features of Gesture taps, Popovers and Sliders will provide a wide variety of new functionality for months to come.

In the case of mobile design, the number of UI patterns which can be emulated now within FileMaker has grown significantly. Beyond straight-forward popovers, you can combine both older and newer functionality to accomplish some really cool stuff.

In this video, I showcase a UI pattern which provides a hidden menu. This is done with a new Slider control and is a very common pattern within the mobile space.

Beyond the simple slider/menu implementation, I also showcase the use of the Gesture controls and how you can determine if a tap is within a predefined area. This level of UI control allows you to decide when a script should fire or not. Very empowering stuff!

Published on Jan 8, 2014

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A video about using FileMaker 13’s new features in order to implement some mobile design patterns.

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FileMaker Tutorial – Mobile Design Patterns – YouTube.

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