Webinar: FileMaker Training Series Discovery Session

UK FILEMAKER puts out a lot of very informative webinars, and started a new series in July to supplement the FileMaker Training Series self-paced curriculum. Here’s the first of the series:

Published on Jul 18, 2014

Join us for the first in a series of six webinars designed to complement your learning via FTS:Basics, the official self-paced training curriculum from FileMaker, Inc.

In this session you’ll learn how the products in the FileMaker Platform work together. You’ll identify requirements for building, assessing, and hosting FileMaker solutions, and compare and contrast FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go. See what pre-built templates, or Starter Solutions, come with FileMaker Pro and how you can start using them right away. Plus, understand the capabilities of FileMaker Pro Advanced, and learn about real-world use cases.

Webinar: FileMaker Training Series (Discovery Session) Demo – YouTube.

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