Button Image Masks in FileMaker 13 | the beezwax buzz

VINCENZO MENNANO OF BEEZWAX shows off a new way to set up button image masks in FileMaker, replacing image tables and global fields. Another great benefit:  a website that provides free icons of the type needed to implement this technique:  iconsdb.

In layout mode create a square object. Click on the appearance tab in the inspector and set the fill to “image” and choose “scale to fit.” This same image is automatically set for Hover, Pressed, or In Focus as well.

Now comes the fun part. Select an image file of the same image in a different color and set it for the fill for Hover and Pressed. We have been using images fromiconsdb as it allows you to set the color for a transparent png. For my example I chose dark gray for the default (normal) image and blue for hover and orange for what I call “active.” The intended use for this new style would be to use it as part of a navigation tab.

There’s a downloadable file at the link that has all you need to get going with this new technique.

Button Image Masks in FileMaker 13 | the beezwax buzz.

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