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Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation helps more people kick the habit
with an iPad solution built with the FileMaker Platform

Pioneering program streamlines assessment, treatment and follow-up to achieve high smoking cessation rates


Helping people quit smoking requires carefully coordinated counseling, treatment and follow-up. Using a custom iPad solution created with the FileMaker Platform, Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation collaborates with multiple teams to develop an integrated, seamless cessation support system for smokers following hospitalization, saving time, improving information accuracy, and providing better service to patients.


Used custom iPad solution created with the FileMaker Platform to capture patients’ smoking history at the hospital bedside and seamlessly share information with treatment and follow-up teams.

Streamlines the patient assessment, treatment and follow-up processes; presents a seamless, coordinated program to patients; helps increase patient recruitment rates; improves participation in supportive follow-up; achieves high one-month cessation rates.
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A custom FileMaker solution for iPad makes it easy to gather information from patients on the spot: at their bedside while in the hospital.
Health problems associated with smoking affect millions of people every year. For more than a decade, the Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation (OMSC) has been providing patients at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute with a way to stop smoking and avoid certain health risks.

The OMSC systematically identifies smokers seen in clinical practice, providing consultation, treatment and follow-up to wean them off cigarettes. The program has also helped more than 140 other healthcare organizations across Canada implement the model, entering approximately 23,000 smokers into the program each year.

To achieve the best outcomes possible, the OMSC gathers information from patients at their bedside while in the hospital, offers a personalized smoking cessation regimen and tracks their progress after they go home. Streamlining this whole process is a custom database solution running on iPads and built using the FileMaker Platform.

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