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Open Directory is Apple’s alternative to Active Directory – a method of authenticating users (Mac and Windows) and setting permissions for users and groups on a network (LAN and WAN).  Jason Scharf”s tutorial will ease the way to using it for authentication with FileMaker Server.

FileMaker Server can be set up to authenticate against Active Directory and Open Directory. For those already using a Microsoft Server as a domain controller, setup is little more than flipping a switch, while those on Mac-only networks have to do a little more.

FileMaker Server and Open Directory can be integrated on either a single machine or across multiple machines. If you are following FileMaker Server best practices, Open Directory and FileMaker Server should be installed on separate machines. The directions for either deployment are the same, except for on the single-machine deployment do all the steps on a single machine.

Note: This tutorial assumes a two-machine deployment.


Setup may require an advanced understanding of networking and domain name configuration.

FileMaker Server must be installed on a Mac as Windows-based PCs are not able to bind to an Open Directory domain. Windows clients will still be able to authenticate, as authentication is processed through FileMaker Server Pro.

Each FileMaker database must have a local account with [Full Access], as an Open Directory user with [Full Access] will not be able change security settings.

  1. Mac OS X Server
  2. Open Directory Configuration
  3. FileMaker Server Configuration
  4. FileMaker Pro Database Configuration
  5. Troubleshooting

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