FileMaker: From References to Embedded Container Data

 A very handy guide (with 30 Custom Functions!) from Wim Decorte to converting referenced container data to embedded container data using the new GetContainerAttribute in FileMaker 13.  

FileMaker 13 introduces a new function that gives us some 30 different attributes about the data we store in a container field: GetContainerAttribute().
One of those attribues is the name of the file that we can ask for like this:
  GetContainerAttribute ( theContainer ; "filename" )
And another attribute is to see whether the file was inserted as a reference only.
  GetContainerAttribute ( theContainer ; "storageType" )
The response will be either:
  • Embedded
  • External (Secure),
  • External (Open)
  • File Reference
  • Text
“Text” is when you get when the container’s content is not a file but some text that was inserted or pasted into the container field.

“External” indicates that the container field is set up for the “Remote Container” functionality.

More…From References to Embedded Container Data.

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