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Richard Carlton features Nick Lightbody from Deskspace Limited, talking about improving performance tuning with FileMaker 15.  If you are administering a server and seeing slowdowns, this is a must watch video:

Have you ever heard of DeskspaceCMS?  It’s a FileMaker based alternative (from Nick Lightbody and Deskspace) to WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other types of Content Management Systems (CMS):

This article brings together two separate ideas into one unified whole, the first that more people should be using efficient html to publish their writing and documents, instead of word processor documents, pdfs and ebooks, concepts that are tied irrevocably into the limiting and inconvenient concept, on a digital device, of a fixed page length, and the second that FileMaker Server would be far more scaleable if it were only directly serving the writers, not the readers.

The unified answer is to create fast responsive real web pages with FileMaker both to reduce the load on FileMaker Server and to provide people with a better way of publishing their words.

I’m trying to check this out in more detail, as I have some big projects coming up with FileMaker serving some websites, and increased speed would be a bonus.

Does anyone out there have some real world experience they’d care to share?

Have you heard of the new FileMaker 15 Truncate command?  Mike Duncan of Soliant has the lowdown:

New in FileMaker 15, the Truncate Table script step. Similar to the SQL function, learn details and differences with how it works in FileMaker….

In practical terms, Truncate Table works the same as deleting all records in a table. The difference is that when you perform truncate a table, this happens in a single operation, regardless of dependencies. So even if your table contains millions of records, they are all marked for deallocation and the index is cleared. There is no dialog showing records deleted, this just happens.

Definitely something you don’t want to give to your users…

I’m part way through this highly rated inspiration movie, and so far it’s pretty impressive.  Just have to find time to do watch it all:

Before you do anything, think. If you do something to try and impress someone, to be loved, accepted or even to get someone’s attention, stop and think. So many people are busy trying to create an image, they die in the process.

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