FileMaker 15 WebDirect, AWS Redshift, Human Flypaper, and EWeek

FileMaker 15 improves the WebDirect experience on mobile devices through improvements in the interface.  A short but informative video by DB Services’s Brendan McBride illustrates the major changes:

The benefits for FileMaker and FileMaker Developers?  It just became possible to reach a larger, untapped market of Android users as well as iPhone users.

And for those businesses needing to provide custom solutions to their Android users more cheaply and quickly, FileMaker provides the best solution.

Last week, Matt Greger showed how to connect Amazon’s Redshift database to Macintosh based installation of FileMaker Server 15 , making the data available in tables via ESS.

This week, Greger shows how to make the connection on a 2008 Windows Server.  Be sure to read the comments for feedback from Actual Technologies on the compatibility of their driver with different versions of FileMaker.  You will need to do a lot testing before taking a solution live for a client.

FileMaker 15 continues to garner high praise for it’s ability to work better in the Mobile world.  EWeek covers the new release with an easy to digest set of sliders pics and this summary:

Apple subsidiary FileMaker announced on May 10 the launch of FileMaker 15, the latest edition of a database application development platform that has been available since the early 1980s. While FileMaker hasn’t been the most popular way to develop apps, it has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, thanks to the iPhone and iPad. In fact, the company’s FileMaker Go has been downloaded more than 2 million times on Apple’s mobile products. The service’s support for Apple’s iPhone and iPad has also helped swell the total number of “delivered” software copies to 24 million and for FileMaker to notch more than 1,200 business alliances. With FileMaker 15, the company is hoping to improve on its recent success by adding mobility features, enhancing the platform’s security and improving system-wide performance. Simply put, FileMaker seems intent on enhancing the features that have helped it hang on in the industry for so long. Flip through the following slides to find out more about what’s new and old in FileMaker 15.

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Human Flypaper, courtesy of Google.  Once Google gets ahold of you, they don’t want to let go.

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