FileMaker Script Workspace Shortcuts

A very nicely thought out system of FileMaker script workspace shortcuts using the new type ahead feature found in FileMaker 14 Script Workspace.   Daniel Wood of Digital Fusion took the time to figure out the most intuitive and the shortest keystroke combinations necessary to invoke a given script step.  He took it a step further by adding, when possible, sensible variations.

Then Wood built a free, downloadable file with all that information in it:

There isn’t really much to this article itself because the real benefit will come in downloading and viewing our associated reference file. In this file we have provided a number of shortcuts that can be used for every script step.

We provide what we believe to be the most intuitive shortcut you can use to auto-complete a script step. We also give you the shortest shortcut (in terms of characters required) to enter any script step.  Finally, we give any useful variations on these that can also be used.

We hope this provides a useful resource for you starting out with FileMaker 14 and ease some of the burden of discovering these shortcuts yourself 🙂

Jump over and grab this file.  And be sure to read the comments for more good tips.

Source: 14 for 14: Shortcuts for Quick Script Step Entry

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