Duplicate records in FileMaker Within A Set Of Records

If you’ve been developing in FileMaker for any length of time, you’ve probably visited FileMakerHacks.com.  Kevin Frank’s website delves into very creative hacks to make the impossible happen.  Then works to find faster alternatives to the same problem, often reaching out to the FileMaker community for solutions.

Recent work has focused on finding duplicate records in FileMaker:  finding and eliminating or finding and keeping them. One of his readers discovered a way to find duplicates in a given found set, ant then found a way to make it even faster:

The need to isolate duplicates within an existing found set has often been a source of frustration for developers. A couple weeks ago we examined a technique by Ralph Learmont demonstrating that, contrary to popular belief and experience, the ! (find duplicates) operator can, under certain conditions, be coerced into isolating duplicate values within a found set.

4-24-2015 3-24-21 PM

And finally, Learmont figured out why the hack worked:

In the FileMaker case, I achieved a good (wanted) result due to what I originally perceived as being a dependency on window name.

But that’s not the real reason!

The real answer is because the calculation is UNSTORED.

The new demo file is downloadable at the link.

Source: Successfully Find Duplicate Values Within A Set Of Records | FileMakerHacks

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