FileMaker says wait before using FileMaker 14 with OS X El Capitan

FileMaker, Inc. is planning to release updates to address compatibility issues with OS X El Capitan as well as other general bug fixes.

FileMaker, recommends that you wait for these updates before using FileMaker 14 with OS X El Capitan.  See below for info on FM 13 and Earlier versions



 Known Issues

Target Availability

FileMaker Pro 14FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced


  • Go to Relate Record using an external layout fails to find the last active window
  • Application will crash when quitting if there are >1 windows open
  • The FileMaker application will crash when quiting without a window being open
  • Hitting the escape key while using nested windows will cause incorrect window layout
  • Placement of Drop-down calendar is incorrect
  • Full screen appears to be blank when entering the color sampling mode
  • Some dialog boxes will open in full screen view
  • Application will quit when opening a file from the Launch Center in full screen mode
  • Email attachments will be missing when Sending Mail through Menu or Script
  • Application is in a bad state after displaying a field with a long name in field picker


  • October 2015*


FileMaker Server 14


  •  Not Supported
  • November 2015*

Source: FileMaker 14 Platform and OS X El Capitan | FileMaker


FileMaker 13 and earlier versions of FileMaker have not been tested or certified with OS X El Capitan).

These products were developed and released before OS X El Capitan became available.

While these earlier versions may install and run, you may encounter installation and stability issues for which there is no resolution.

FileMaker 13 and earlier compatibility with OS X 10.11 El Capitan >

Created: Aug 05, 2015 08:52 AM PDT
Last Updated: Sep 30, 2015 02:18 PM PDT

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