Connecting FileMaker to an Apple Watch

The future of FileMaker is in it’s connectivity with the rest of the world.

And FileMaker has opened the channels of communication to the rest of the world with a variety of tools:

  • FMP Urls
  • ODBC
  • PHP
  • API access
  • XML
  • CWP
  • WebDirect

FileMaker is a great tool for controlling what happens in your environment.  It’s easy to get started, has plenty of powerful features, and it let’s you produce features faster than other programming languages.

But FileMaker can’t exist alone.

So when I see someone like  of FileMakerBloggen connecting FileMaker to an Apple Watch via a third party program like Workflow, I know I am seeing the future:

A while ago I wrote an article about how to control a scoreboard from a distance with Bluetooth headset and I joked a little bit about waiting for the imaginary Go app to Apple Watch. In this article I use Apple Watch in combination with FileMaker.

I am using an app called Workflow. With this app it’s possible to script different tasks on iPhone or iPad. I have made a workflow as the picture show to the left. The Workflow app makes it possible to run workflows on Apple Watch.

Imaginative thinking (aka ‘outside the box’ thinking) connects different tools together to make something not seen before–in this instance using FileMaker, PHP, and WorkFlow to track time on an Apple watch.

Imagine applying that thinking to your client’s needs, and mastering what you need to know to make it happen.

That’s when the magic happens.  For both yourself and your clients.

Click the link below and open your mind to the possibilities in front of you.

Source: Time tracking with FileMaker and Apple Watch | FileMakerBloggen

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