FileMaker Platform Replaces Enterprise System

The FileMaker Platform replaces a rigid, expensive, hard to modify Enterprise level system (SAP) in a leading European music studio.  And what do the users like most?  The ease of use, the flexibility, the ease of making it do what needs to be done–and do it quickly.

And the kicker?  The Enterprise software was replaced in a matter of weeks by the FileMaker Platform solution!

This is a great example of the advantages of the FileMaker Platform–Rapid Application Development, flexibility, great reporting capabilities, integrates with external devices, and is, relatively speaking, much cheaper than most other solutions.
Published on Jun 30, 2015

We’ve integrated FileMaker into so many areas of our business; from the finance department to our sound engineers, everyone is catered for. Our custom FileMaker solution can grow and develop with us as our needs change. FileMaker has been an absolute revolution for Metropolis.” – Ian Brenchley, CEO at Metropolis


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