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If you want to get up to speed on FileMaker in a hurry, consider the classes offered by FileMaker Mentoring in Berlin and London in April:

The 2015 FileMaker Master Class – Broader View is an intensive three-day seminar dedicated to expanding your knowledge and broadening your approach to FileMaker development. With a cap of 20 attendees, topics such as Perspectives on Solution Design, Application Models, Advanced Scripting Techniques and Designing for Scalability are explored with insight, energy and rigour. Join one of the most widely recognised innovators in FileMaker today, Ray Cologon, for a challenging, enlightening and inspiring three days of new ideas, elegant code and real-world information.

The class will take place over three days and will comprise six substantive and wide-ranging topics as detailed below. Each topic will commence with a presentation and overview of the key points, including or followed by demos as appropriate. Subsequently for each main topic, questions and discussion will be invited, after which a workshop format will be adopted to explore key ideas emerging from the discussion.

Examples and proof-of-concept files will be available to participants, and further examples contributed by participants during the classes will (with permission) also be made available to attendees. Interaction between participants is encouraged as part of a mutual learning, exploration and professional development process. However, please be aware that extended discussion may impact the schedule, and the ability to cover all the planned content…

After the tremendous success of the last edition, the FileMaker Master Class feat. Ray Cologon is coming back to Berlin and London in April 2015. This time it will be enhanced by colloquiua feat. Yann Liqueur-Salzédo and Ray Cologon.

The original and very intense “Master Class – Broader view“ will be accompanied by a more detailed “Master Class – In Depth“ with less topics but more time to discuss.

Due to the high demand, a colloquium lead by Yann Liqueur-Salzédo regarding ” User Interface & Design” will be offered in addition to the colloquium lead by Ray Cologon.

Starting 7 April in Berlin the set of 4 high-level trainings regarding all things FileMaker will be followed by the same set starting 20 April in London.

While the Master Classes last 3 Days in total, the Colloquia are One Day-Trainings and all events can be booked as a set with a discount or as a single event.

All events are limited to 20 people max.
Application deadline is 23 February 2015

And as a plus, visit Berlin or London!  Wish I could go.

via Master Class – Broader View | FileMaker Mentoring.

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