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Have you heard about FileMaker Community?  It’s FileMaker’s new redesign of what used to be FileMaker Technet:

FileMaker recently launched their free resource site the FileMaker Community, and with it came a nice new and easy to use website. If you were one of the 60,000-plus current member of TechNet, you will automatically gain access to the FileMaker Community

FileMaker Community key features include:

  • Technical Documentation.
  • Webinars
  • Sales Tools
  • Developer News
  • Technical Resource Library
  • Developer Discussion Forum

Also, there is the FileMaker Developer Subscription, where for $99 a year you have exclusive access to:

  • Pre-Release FileMaker Software(when available) wink* wink*
  • A download of the latest official FileMaker Training Series (FTS)
  • FileMaker Server Development License (limited to 3 simultaneous clients)

There’s more at the link:  free videos from FileMaker, prerelease software links and more. And don’t forget to visit FileMaker Community itself and poke around.

via FileMaker Community – The New Technet | DB Services.

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