FileMaker licensing frequently asked questions | FileMaker

Answers to frequently asked questions about FileMaker’s licensing programs – from FileMaker’s website:

When do I need to renew my Maintenance contract? Do I get a better price if I renew before the expiration date?

What happens to my license if I do not renew Maintenance?

When is the effective date for Expired Maintenance?

I have boxed product (shrink-wrapped). Is it possible to purchase Maintenance for these licenses?

Can I purchase Maintenance for more than 1 year?

How do I consolidate multiple Maintenance agreements?

Can I renew Maintenance for fewer licenses than I originally bought Maintenance for?

What if I don’t want Maintenance, do I still have to buy it?

What happens if you do not release a new version during the term of my Maintenance agreement?


FileMaker licensing frequently asked questions | FileMaker.

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