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FileMaker Licensing Explained.

This is the best explanation of the current state of FileMaker Licensing I have read/heard so far.  Kudos to Mislav Kov of Soliant Consulting  for taking the time to untangle the maze:

Over the past few years, FileMaker, Inc. has introduced new products and functionality to expand the FileMaker platform, tweaked its licensing programs, and adjusted its pricing. This combination of changes has led to some confusion for existing customers and developers. This blog post aims to present a review of the current licensing landscape and offer some guidance on how to choose the right licensing option for you or your client.

I will focus on licensing for teams of users (five or more) who use the FileMaker Pro, Go, and WebDirect clients along with FileMaker Server (FMS). This is in contrast to individual users who buy individual copies of the FileMaker Pro software.

This blog post is split out into two parts:

Source: FileMaker Licensing Options – Soliant Consulting

Creating Objections – Win Without Pitching

This is an interesting take on handling sales objections:  Raise them yourself first:

In my counsel to agency principals and business development personnel I spend too much time on the subject of how to overcome objections. If you find yourself constantly dealing with or dreading objections late in the buying cycle then there’s something you’re not doing early in the buying cycle: you’re not creating objections. You should be.

Done correctly, this technique results is time-saving – as in you’ve forced the issue and lost the sale – or you’ve overcome the biggest objection and will likely get the sale sooner. The problem with it?  It’s risky.  When you are dealing with dominant personalities, taking command of the conversation and, lightly, delivering a backhanded insult, could lose a perfectly viable client.

I’d say this technique is just one more tool in your tool chest, used only when appropriate and not more.  Get the full strategy at the link.

Source: Creating Objections – Win Without Pitching

FileMaker and eCommerce Integration – Parts 1, 2 and 3 | Databuzz

Andrew Duncan of Databuzz has a great 3 part series on integrating FileMaker and eCommerce Integration.

We wouldn’t generally recommend to customer’s that they use FileMaker to run their online eCommerce store, so there’s no problem with having the physical presence and the online presence separate (and it’s highly advisable from a security standpoint). However this leads to the problem of scattered information and ad hoc processes – wouldn’t it be better if all the information was in one place and you could see all the physical orders and online orders from the central FileMaker CRM? Could you save time and increase productivity by not having to manually re-enter all the online orders in both the main FileMaker CRM as well as your accounting software?

In their example, they use ODBC to connect, via ESS, to the eCommerce site.  I have found that approach to be very stable and fast, with systems running without trouble for long periods of time. Read all three.

Source: FileMaker and eCommerce Integration – Part 1 | Databuzz

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