A FileMaker Sliding Drawer, Cloud Improvement, and Troubleshooting FileMaker

A FileMaker Sliding Drawer that Opens on MouseOver

Daniel Wood of Digital Fusion wrote about FileMaker sliding drawers way back in July of 2014, and I somehow missed it.  Dang it.  Anyway, sliding drawers have, for good reason, grown in popularity and capability since Wood’s blog post.  Check out the Hamburger Menu post and this Unique CRM post to see them in action.  I stumbled across Wood’s post in September, and asked in the comments of the post if could also download Brian Myers example file as well – I wanted to link the file from my Free FileMaker Example File list instead of from a dropbox link.  Brian said yes, so now you can get two download files with some great effects. Brian’s example file adds a spring loaded feel to the effect.

So what is a FileMaker sliding drawer?  Very simply, it’s a like opening a drawer from the side (or top, or bottom) of the screen to show more options or information:

What is a Sliding Drawer

A sliding drawer (also known as a Navigation Drawer) is a control which expands to fill a larger portion of the screen when either pressed, hovered over with the mouse, or swiped with the finger on a touchscreen device. They generally appear on the left edge of a screen, but can be on any edge if desired.

The drawer is most useful when the screen does not have enough room on it to contain further functionality and actions.  These can be placed in the drawer and the drawer can be opened when required to give access to the additional functionality.

Here is an example of a website that contains a sliding drawer.  The first image shows the collapsed drawer. When the mouse is placed over the drawer, it expands with an animated effect, revealing the full contents.  Moving the mouse off the expanded drawer will collapse it.

FileMaker Sliding Drawer

Go read the whole post (and download Wood’s example file there), and pay attention to the comments for some interesting twists and alternatives.

In case you missed it, FileMaker Cloud keeps getting more features:

FileMaker Cloud new features

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  • FileMaker Cloud
  •    1.15.x

FileMaker Cloud includes these features:

  • Backup labeling: You can assign labels to backups. The labels also appear on the Tags tab for the backup snapshot in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 Management console.
  • Back up on-demand: You can click Back Up Now to create an on-demand backup.
  • Custom domain support: When you import a custom certificate, you can map FileMaker Cloud’s generated host name to your preferred host name via a Canonical Name (CNAME) record in your Domain Name Service (DNS) registration. If the instance IP address changes, you don’t have to update the DNS registration if the CNAME record is registered.

Troubleshooting the FileMaker Platform

A nice set of troubleshooting links from FileMaker covering a variety of topics broken out by Client, Go, and Server.  Here’s a small sample:

And needed now more than ever:

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