FileMaker Happenings with Mike Beargie

Exciting New FileMaker Happenings from Mike Beargie

Mike Beargie is operating on very little sleep, it appears, with his new website, FileMaker Community Live and a new, free iOS app, CoreScope, that allows FileMaker to grab meta data (think Carrier, Network, Battery info and more) from an iOS device.

What is FileMaker Community Live?

FileMaker Community Live by Mike Beargie

Here’s the answer in Mike’ own words:

FileMaker Community Live is a home grown resource site for FileMaker developers managed by Mike Beargie.

There are three goals of FMCL as I get it up and running in 2016:

  1. Become the home of CoreScope.
  2. Compile and manage the largest Free Resources list for FileMaker Developers.
  3. Create videos that show solutions to “live” problems facing FileMaker Developers.

These goals may change as the year goes along, or the community feedback I receive denotes a greater need.

Another great resource for the FileMaker community!  What’s not to like?  Thanks, Mike!

What is CoreScope?

CoreScope by Mike Beargie

Again, in Mike’s own words:

CoreScope is a free utility app created and managed by Mike Beargie. CoreScope allows the FileMaker Go developer to retrieve metadata, such as cellular carrier name and network connection type, from an iOS device. CoreScope works with the “round trip” process, which is easy as opening a URL and having a result returned to FileMaker via URL.

What’s driving Mike to such to achieve so much?  Check out Mike’s FileMakerProGurus interview from DevCon 2015 here to learn more about him.

And be sure to download the free CoreScope App and the companion FileMaker solution at the link.

Source: FMCL » CoreScope

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