5 Vintage Computing Moments from ‘Macworld’ Issue 1 (April 1984)

I read every word in every issue of MacWorld for years.  My first Mac was a 512k, and of course I was jealous of those who, a few months later, bought the 1mb model, which could be upgraded to 4mb (for about $600).

Mental Floss’s journey back in time emphasizes the incredible leaps in computing made in just the past 30 years, and makes one wonder what changes the next 30 years will bring.

Some interesting facts from back in the day:

  • Bill Gates and Steve Jobs worked together in several areas back then, despite their well documented competition.
  • Microsoft Excel debuted on the Mac
  • Microsoft took out two full page ads in the first issue
  • MacWorld interviewed Bill Gates in the first issue
  • You could run Microsoft Basic on a Mac, not that there was an overwhelming reason to do so

MacWorld still publishes online, but stopped printed versions in 2014:

Just over a year ago, Macworld magazine stopped printing new issues. Its run was epic, starting in 1984 with the launch of the Mac and running for more than 30 years. Macworld lives on online, though the print version is done. Today, let’s look back at the very first issue, recently posted on The Internet Archive.


It’s a good lesson for today’s young entrepreneurs to look at these pictures.  Those young people changed the world in ways that are still not completely understood, and today’s generation have the same opportunities in their future, should they choose to take chances, accept failure as part of the journey, and keep moving forward to realize their dreams.

Read the whole thing!

Source: 5 Vintage Computing Moments from ‘Macworld’ Issue 1 (April 1984)

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