FileMaker Goodies

FileMaker Goodies

I’ve been collecting interesting links here and there, saving them up to share.  Here goes in no particular order:

Douglas Alder sends web data directly to FileMaker (with a free FileMaker Example File at the link):

Ever wish there was a way to ‘Send to FileMaker’ from your Web Browser?

Turns out there is a fairly easy way to do this. It involves creating a bookmark in your web browser that is written in Javascript. It calls a FileMaker script using the URL scheme ‘FMP’ and sends the web page title, and the page’s URL to FileMaker. Once you have this in FileMaker, you can use a callback script to get more information from the web page using standard screen scraping techniques to parse out things you are looking for.

Send to FileMaker from web

This little bookmark makes it easy to grab and save data from the web into your FileMaker solution.

Source: Ever wish there was a way to ‘Send to FileMaker’ from your Web Browser? | HomeBase Software

Daniel Wood of Digital Fusion: Easily make beautiful Hamburger sliding menus in FileMaker Client and FileMaker Go

Sliding Drawer Menus

We have covered these types of menus in the past. A couple of years ago I wrote an article about how they can be built using sliding panels. That article went a little over the top by having the menu open/close simply on a mouse-over action through the use of a plugin and tooltips. The technique while workable had some limitations – the plugin on FileMaker Go and WebDirect being one of them.

Recently I began development on a large client solution and decided to overhaul this technique and make it both easier to implement, and more usable and reliable.  The menu was to work on both FileMaker Pro and in FileMaker Go.

I wanted the drawer to look and feel as native as possible, and leverage all the tools that FileMaker provides to give the user the most native experience.

It really is nice to emulate a Web Browser hamburger menu, thus saving valuable screen real estate (especially on iOS devices) and providing a clean interface.  And, of course, there is a Free FileMaker Example File at the link.

Source: Beautiful and Easy Drawer Menus for Desktop and Go

Nicholas Orr:  Synch is not a Product

Nicholas’s point is that a true synch is never really possible. Calling it synch sets up the expectation that complete synched version exists at all times.  With that said, Nic spends a bit of time explaining how to synch systems as best you can…just don’t call it a sync.

I made decisions that I regret, and I took them as learning experiences… I’m human, not perfect, like anybody else.

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