FileMaker Go: Optimising Data Entry – Linear Chat

FileMaker Go: Optimising Data Entry


With FileMaker Go an iOS device offers a superb platform for efficiently entering data on the go. It is easy, however, to overlook behavioral differences between desktop and IOS platforms.

So whether you are converting an existing solution or creating a new solution for specific use on an iOS device, you should be aware of these factors and ensure that data entry processes are as streamlined as possible.

Try to avoid using radio buttons, as there is no way to deselect an option so that no options are selected.

Inserting values into a field from an index is not possible.

Be aware that drop down lists automatically activates the iOS keyboard while pop-up menus do not.

Asian languages: sideways text and Furigana are not supported.

The auto-complete functionality using existing values is not supported.

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