FileMaker Function of the Week: Lower, Upper, Proper

CLEANING UP DATA, where ever the source, can be a frustrating and challenging job.  Many times it takes personal attention, but you can minimize the amount of work to be done by using some of the tools provided in FileMaker.  fullcityconsulting is posting a series of blog posts about functions, and you’ll find the posts about text functions particularly helpful:

Improperly formatted data is one of the scourges of database housekeeping. For a mature system, it’s like cleaning out the pantry. You don’t have to do it every week, but you will be faced with it a few times each year. When migrating information from an old system to a new FileMaker database, the volume of malformed data can approach plague of locust proportions. This week we’ll look at a triad of functions that can help with one kind of formatting headache: incorrect capitalization.

Some of the most common ways to abuse capitalization include leaving the first letter of a proper noun lower case,  trying to capitalize email addresses, or invoking the dreaded ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME! To correct these infractions, FileMaker offers three case correcting functions. LowerUpper, and Proper.

FileMaker Function of the Week: Lower, Upper, Proper.

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