FileMaker EasySync v 1.2 is here

IF YOU NEED TO SYNCH FILEMAKER FILES, take a look at EasySynch.  Version 1.2 is now downloadable.

It’s free, easy to implement, and does the job.  Make’s it a no brainer:

A Decidedly Different Approach
to Syncing FileMaker Databases

Looking for an easy, powerful, and reliable way to sync FileMaker databases? You’ve come to the right place.

EasySync is an open source, alternative sync framework for the FileMaker platform.

What makes EasySync different?
• It uses only native FileMaker functionality.
• It is easy to setup and configure.
• It has a small footprint.
• It does not require additional files.
• It is fully transactional.
• It is fast.
• It syncs container fields.
• It supports users in multiple timezones.
• It can be modified to support your business rules.
• It is secure.
• It is being provided via an open source license.

To learn more about EasySync, check out or FAQDocumentation, or go ahead and download a copy.

More…FMEasySync | A FileMaker Sync Framework.

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