FileMaker EasyCalendar: Free Calendar Beta Soon

TIM DIETRICH IS AT IT AGAIN: A free, easy to install calendar with a long list of features:

Since informally announcing FMEasyCalendar last Friday, I’ve received a number of emails asking about the project. The interest in the EasyCalendar has been both surprising and encouraging.

Here’s an update on progress that I’ve made, the feature list, and answers to some of the questions that I’ve received…


Over this past weekend, I made a lot of progress on EasyCalendar. (It’s amazing how much you can get done while waiting for your car to be serviced.) I’ve added support for dynamically specifying text colors and styles of individual events, starting calendar weeks on either a Sunday or Monday, and more.

EasyCalendar Features

Here’s a list of the features that you will see in the beta release of EasyCalendar.

Easy integration.

• Requires only one new table and one new script.

• No need to make changes to existing tables.

• No need to make changes to the relationship graph.

There’s lot’s more at the link. The beta version has not been released as of today, 10-6-14, but he has promised it during this month.

via Tim Dietrich | Blog | EasyCalendar: Update, Features, FAQ, and Beta Release Date.

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